Multiply Memories: CATU Days

News broke out that Multiply will cease to be a social networking site later this year. Out of curiosity, I logged in, intending to save some files… that is, until I discovered my blog posts. *cringe*

Multiply was a hit during my college life. Here are some gems off my posts that involved the best block in the world, CATU. ♥

1. Virtual Class
I really can’t recall this virtual class thingy, but apparently, it happened. Names have been changed. ;)


Instructor: hello
N. L.: hello
R. A.: sira ka M.C.!!!
R. A.: haha si ma’am yan/1
S. D.: hi maaaaaam….
Me: Hehehe. Hi ma’am!

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An Attempt to Represent

Decided to finally write about my UAAP courtside reporter audition several years ago. I have friends who are basketball fanatics; some of them knew of this, some of them don’t. Most of them probably have courtside reporter dreams (hihi) so here is my experience on what it’s like to actually audition for it.

As part of the Candy Council of Cool (COC), we were tasked to come up with a minimag to cap off our COC term. The same summer, my fellow Candy COC member EJ shared to me that she wants to audition for the UAAP courtside reporter post and I thought it was a good idea. There was no competition involved since she’s a La Sallian while I am a Thomasian so we were both excited for each other. I don’t love being in the spotlight but during those times, I wanted to be recognized for something that will make the university proud (Yes, I had thoughts like that).

So I submitted my resume to ABS-CBN Sports and was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from them, inviting me for an audition. EJ got a call as well, but we had different audition schedules. Who would have thought that I had to interview Patty Laurel, the only TV personality I looked up to, the same day as my audition. The day was laid out in such a way that I could attend both: interview, am, audition, pm. Perfect, I thought. I took that as a sign of good things to come.

My minimag editor accompanied me to the interview. Patty was very down-to-earth, exactly how she described herself during her VJ years. I had crazy dreams of becoming an MTV VJ when I was younger, you see. During the VJ Hunt, Patty would always stress that her edge among the other finalists was her being a regular college girl; her winning the competition was truly inspiring. I actually considered auditioning for the Hunt because of her but I realized I’m better off writing instead ’cause I don’t like being in the spotlight (I am kind of contradicting myself).

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