Taiwanese Eats

To wrap up all my Taiwan 2013 posts are some delicious discoveries that managed to be documented… alright, that statement basically explains why it’s not as many as I would’ve liked to make this feature more comprehensive, but I tried. I really did try. It’s just so tempting to skip the “take pictures” part especially when your senses are already overwhelmed.

Taiwan Taipei 2013 breakfast food

I miss you already, dan bing

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I Fell In Love with the Taipei Metro

The Taipei Metro is a commuter’s dream. After being wowed by the efficient and clean train stations in Korea, I was unsure of what to expect in Taiwan. It was nowhere to be found in a particular article about the ten best train systems in the world, yet a barrage of comments under that article were left asking, “Where is the Taipei Metro in this list?”

Taiwan 2013 Taipei Metro Taipei train system

In one of the platform stations

It’s a big mystery why this train system was not mentioned. Check out the photos under the cut (I’m sure you’d ask the same thing).

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