Korea 2012: Nami Island

I wrote this a year ago and amazing how it happened in real life! Expect a series of photo-heavy posts from my trip to South Korea, starting with this day spent in Nami Island.

Ferry to Nami Island

Ferry to Nami Island

Such a pretty sight, yes? But before you could actually breathe the fresh air and feel like a Koreanovela star in Nami Island, it takes a little over two hours of trains and transfers… ala-Amazing Race if you ask me.

Assuming that you understand the Seoul Metro subway system, your objective is to get off at Cheongnyangni Station, exit the subway and find this station (KORAIL):

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Where do you wanna go?

Every day, I come across a post on my social networking timelines about trips to other countries. Here I am, wanderlusting again. And like most things (e.g. NC health insurance, designer bags, etc), this common want is costly.

I should tack something like this on my visual magnet board:

Destination South East Asia

Digital note, digital handwriting

I really, really, really want to go to South Korea. Hopefully during winter. Or spring. Or any season for that matter, it actually doesn’t matter. And this has nothing to do with KPop. Don’t get me wrong, I like KPop. But stalking Korean celebrities is not my driving force to visit said country. Their culture and tourist spots are quite interesting, and *surprise* I wanna shop at Myeongdong and Dongdaemun market. For the record, I don’t know how to describe my style although one of my co-workers pointed out that I have a KPop fashion thing going on. Haha, maybe just the cuts, not the embellishments (like glitters and other sparkly things). I conclude from that discovery that I have to go to the home of edgy, quirky clothing. Wait, did I just find out the right words for my style?

I honestly think I should know the names and faces of the big stars are so I can take snaps of their billboards and whatnot. Haha! I wonder if it’s possible to catch one of their music programs live. Fangirling in a foreign land! Whut.

Aside from South Korea, I wanna go back to Singapore and Hong Kong. Those times, we didn’t own a decent camera (Actually, we did but my mom kept on reprimanding me not to waste precious film). Ooh, the fun with digital. I also wanna see Malaysia, para makapag-drama din sa Petronas Tower as backdrop!

How about you? Where do you wanna go?