Gadget Quirks: Dropped Headphones

Let’s face it, gadgets have their quirks—my Sony headphones is no exception to the bizarre behavior that these devices sometimes exhibit.

Sony headphones ShareTea milk tea

A great find and a reward.

Just three weeks after I bought these Sony MDR-ZX300 headphones, I accidentally dropped it at a height of three feet. Right after, there was an irritating buzzing sound coming from the left cup—nothing could be more irritating than that. It would often manifest in most of my favorite tracks. The sound was comparable to the hiss that comes from a person who’s just gotten braces/retainers. I ended up banging it against the table in hopes that the impact will make it work normally again (I have a skewed way of thinking), but to no avail. That is, until it slipped from my desk a few weeks after! The sound went back to normal. Perhaps the headphones thought of inching closer to the edge for the self-inflicted fall (I think too much).

How about you? Have you encountered gadget quirks?

New Milk Tea Spot: Sharetea at SM Megamall

I have a weakness for milk tea. It’s also no secret that I am easily convinced to try milk tea from new shops, if only to find out whether it tops my favorite. There’s this newly opened tea store in Cyberzone SM Megamall Bldg. B that serves milk tea at a fairly affordable price: Sharetea.



Obviously, I enjoyed my drink.

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