Brand loyalty ends… for now

It’s time to move on.

Galaxy in my hands—Samsung Galaxy Ace

Galaxy in my hands

A short review of the new toy, first:
The main reason behind the switch is the OS (apps!) AND Gorilla Glass. It’s scratch-resistant glass, look it up on Youtube and check out videos that slice devices with a knife just to prove that Gorilla Glass is the bomb. I cannot say anything about the build of the Galaxy but its design makes it look fragile. At least the scratch part’s covered!

Cons I have observed: Battery life is awful—you have to charge daily. There is no comprehensive manual for Android OS. Most importantly, not exactly user-friendly for newbies. I had to explore for hours just to get my account synced. It’s hard to remember where particular settings are.

To be honest, I had second thoughts changing mobile brands. I was doing my research on Samsung and Nokia phones and stumbled upon a link that shared in full detail the email that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sent to an internal Nokia employee system stating that the “platform is burning.” I guess brand loyalty can make you emotional over products.

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Going Wireless

My A4tech mouse gave up on me a couple of weeks ago. It’s still working but it double clicks like crazy. Screw brand loyalty, I couldn’t find the A4tech wireless mouse I saw recently but I didn’t want to end up not buying anything so I bought the Pleomax MOC 300B.

Pleomax MOC 300B

What’s inside the package—receiver and mouse

Upon query and closer inspection of the package, I discovered that Pleomax is a sister company of Samsung (although I didn’t really get what the phrase “A sensible bit of Samsung” means). I use a Samsung monitor so I guess that was enough to lend trust to the brand. Installation during the trial at the store was a breeze, but when I got home, it wasn’t instantly recognized by my computer. Apparently there was a “Connect” button on the bottom part of the mouse that I had to press.

Pleomax MOC 300B

Yay for new mouse!

I don’t know how to review a mouse. LOL What matters is that it works and there’s no more double clicking.