Liking A Laptop

Last week, I discovered that I am a grandma masquerading as a yuppie, what with my preferences for non-touchscreen devices and willingness to ditch these time-wasting games/apps (displaying maturity right there), only to succumb to a good game of Fruit Ninja this afternoon for a good fifteen minutes. Yes, a digital native finding difficulty with a touchscreen phone. I wanna go back to Nokia—solid, reliable and can do what mobile phones should do.

You know what, these phone manufacturers should consider offering customization options for consumers. Like, “Hi Nokia, can you make me a phone with QWERTY and touchscreen, similar to Nokia E7 but make sure it has a sturdy slider and that it can run any OS I like? And oh, I need processing power, so that better run Temple Run.” Impossible but I’ve always believed in dreaming big, so…

Completely the opposite of what Steve Jobs once said:

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Pic-to-Comic with the Samsung Galaxy Note

Pic-to-Comic-ed version of me by Kajo Baldisimo for Samsung Galaxy Note

Pic-to-Comic version of me by Kajo Baldisimo for Samsung Galaxy Note. Thank you!

So, Samsung Philippines collaborated with Pinoy comic book artists for their Pic-to-Comic promo. I came across this last week and submitted a photo just for kicks. With the volume of submissions, I didn’t think I would be picked. This afternoon, I saw my face, no make that my sketch on their social media sites. Isn’t it the coolest thing, the accuracy and details of it all? The sketch somewhat shows my “intense” side with the accent color (or at least that’s what two wise people told me upon talking to me for the first time, separate encounters at that. I still haven’t figured out if that is a good or bad thing).

Which reminds me that this is ANOTHER (BABY) STEP CLOSER TO A GALAXY NOTE! First an encounter, now a sketch… I bet what’s next… (I am rhyming!!!) is an actual unit! XD I proclaim myself a Samsung Galaxy Note’s Un-bassador.