Typography Tuesdays: True

It’s another experiment on Typography Tuesdays. I’m liking the “SNote against a background photo” effect, but the look works best when I do the superimposition on SNote itself. The doodle came first before the photo in this week’s feature, which explains the rough edges of the text. On my 5th week of getting into this project and learning so much along the way!

isparkleen typography tuesdays True Ryan Cabrera samsung galaxy note snote spen

“True” – Ryan Cabrera

So, “True.” The song always paint a picture of that day in February several years ago. I remember eating fries at the nearby McDonald’s when the Ryan Cabrera song played in the background. Since then, I’ve always associated “True” with Valentine’s. I wish I had another memory to associate this song with… I’d like to say it’s still in the works. Haha.

Typography Tuesdays: Blue and Yellow

Today’s feature on Typography Tuesdays is a bit different than the previous ones. I have a background photo! Hehe.

isparkleen typography tuesdays Blue and Yellow The Used samsung galaxy note snote spen

“Blue and Yellow” – The Used

This song wasn’t what I was initially working on for today’s edition. While stumped on how to improve the SNote originally intended for today, I browsed my gallery and came across this recent photo I took. Upon close inspection, I noticed that the splashes of paint on this eccentric lighting fixture were the two primary colors, blue and yellow. And then a lightbulb went on.  The old song by The Used, “Blue and Yellow” came to mind. I fished for what I thought was the best quote (and modified it a bit) and finished this after about five minutes.

Maybe I should use backgrounds more often.