Underrated Style

True to my “click-happy” nature which usually occurs past midnight (what a discovery, that hip hop jewelry wholesale site), I came across a music video by Rania (which happened to be quite old, but it sounds new to me because I wasn’t able to follow the group’s discography after “POP POP POP”):

“STYLE” could have been a hit with its infectious beat and lyrics. The track reminds me so much of 2NE1 that I can even assign them their parts. CL can do Saem’s “Classy, sexy, crazy, beautiful style”/”You’re not, you’re not my my my style” lines and the rapping, while Minzy can take the other parts of Saem, and perhaps she and Dara can split between T-ae and Xia’s verses. Bom gets the chorus and the high parts, of course. If those YouTube comments say the truth about this track being co-produced by YG then I guess that explains the “sounds like 2NE1″ element.

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Secret Fandom: Rania

Never mind that the intro reminds me of Sean Kingston’s “Take You There”. Or that my mom can sing along to the chorus with “Sweet Dreams” by Eurthymics as lyrics. Or that the video’s not really something you should watch. I admit that I have an LSS1 to Rania‘s “Dr. Feel Good” since the first time I heard it.

Rania before they became seven

Rania before they became seven (they're gonna be eight!)

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