Blue Bridge Locks

Is this the next place for love locks?

Katipunan blue bridge Regis Quezon City lovelock


While walking in this overpass, I turned my head to the side and saw small objects glistening in the late afternoon sun. As it turns out, the sparkly things were padlocks! Some of them even have initials written on them, true to the description of what a love lock is. I didn’t notice it before, so perhaps it’s relatively new. I wonder if this novelty would actually take off.

Korean Weekday at Donday!

A year ago, one of my friends told me about his go-to Korean place in Maginhawa (which I later found out wasn’t really along Maginhawa, but a side street called Malingap). The thought of visiting Donday┬áRestaurant slipped my mind, up until my best friends insisted that we give Korean cuisine a try. The plan was to work our way up to Sariwon, and since we’re on a budget, we chose to begin with Donday.

Donday Restaurant Maginhawa Street Quezon City Korean Barbecue Samgyupsal buffet

About time!

How can you possibly go wrong with just PHP 299 for unlimited pork belly (and some cooked dishes)?

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