OneRepublic Live in Manila 2013: Highlights

“Seriously, I mean, it’s like you’re all in choir or something, this is ridiculous!”—Ryan Tedder

I’m not the type who sings along in concerts. It’s very un-Pinoy of me, but that’s because I prefer taking it all in, appreciating everything silently. The statement above is a big compliment from the super talented, musical genius that is Ryan Tedder, so allow me to feel a bit of pride alongside the rest of the (mostly) singing audience who watched OneRepublic earlier.

OneRepublic live in Manila 2013

There’s always that bittersweet moment in a concert

It still feels surreal. After months of agonizing over the possibility of missing out on this concert, I consider having managed to score tickets at the very last minute as a major feat. I’m still suffering from post-concert syndrome, so I kept myself preoccupied by compiling select clips from the concert.

I “Apologize” for the seemingly indecisive placement of titles. I really am sleepy, but I can’t sleep (!).

Tears formed in my eyes when they started playing “Secrets.” The recorded version is intense enough, but wait till you hear it live. I guess that track really speaks to people in the creative field who frequently face personal frustrations.

During the concert, I realized that Native has plenty of songs for significant others (but at least the concert didn’t feel like date night, haha). Play “Feel Again,” “Burning Bridges,” “If I Lose Myself” and “Something I Need” in this exact order and you’d get what I mean. (Or this might be my cinematic/romantic side talking/over-analyzing. Ha!)

I didn’t expect Ryan to be that energetic onstage. He was on fire! He also kept on dishing out falsettos effortlessly (reminds me of another favorite, another Ryan). Witnessing him in his multi-instrumentalist mode left the pop geek in me speechless. I can say that my admiration for Ryan Tedder’s musicality multiplied after tonight. He knows how to connect to his audience. If I were a musician, it would be a dream to collaborate with him.

Check out this clip where the band performed my sentimental favorite “Apologize” with a mash-up of sorts towards the end. Some also thought of filling in for Timbaland when the intro played, haha. Gives you an idea how it would be like to jam with Ryan/if Ryan Tedder were your music teacher.

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OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL

OneRepublic in Manila for my birthday month. Even before the confirmed tour date, I realized I kept on including OneRepublic/Ryan Tedder unintentionally in every concert-related post in this blog, regardless of the fact that the entry is for another concert. I “Apologize,” other artists.

I remember writing about discovering the OneRepublic frontman’s songwriting talent (he wrote “Bleeding Love,” for one!) in my old (and first) Nuffnang blog in 2007. I have so much respect for songwriting talent, especially those who have produced hit singles/chart toppers (think Swedish songwriter/producer Max Martin). How they craft tracks for each artist they work with, considering their styles and vocal ability, to name a few, is just amazing. Now if only I could possibly attend their press conference here in Manila to hear more about Tedder’s songwriting process, and insights from other band members as well. Dreaming Out Loud, indeed. Sure, I had opportunities to attend press conferences before, through my colleagues/friends who would assign it to me. I should really do something about my lifestyle journalism career as soon as possible. Haha.


The thing is, I still do not even have a ticket for the concert! I set aside a fund for it early this year, but lots of things got in the way, subsequently eating up that fund. :( Right now I don’t have enough to score a seat with a good view of the stage. I don’t want to end up singing “It’s too late to apologize…” so here’s me trying my luck in this contest. Here are five songs I want to hear live. Thank you, Nuffnang!

OneRepublic LIVE in Manila #OneRepublicMNL Nuffnang Isparkleen

5. If I Lose Myself

I picture a boy and a girl having a great time, enjoying each other’s company. The sun begins to set and they end up watching the sunset together. You know, scenes straight out of a romance movie. #cinematic! That’s how “If I Lose Myself” is to me.

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