See You, C6

Since that day I saw that site featuring three Nokia phones under the new C (Consumer) line, I knew what my next phone should be–the Nokia C6. N Series has always tickled my fancy with its wide range of features and impressive specifications, which is no surprise given that it is the flagship line of the Finnish mobile brand. The N97 was a definite showstopper, but with its steep price here in the Philippines, I know it wasn’t the right phone to get especially for the budget-conscious.

Nokia C6Photo from Nokia Conversations

I am not at all embarrassed with my current phone, a Nokia 6220, despite its very obvious flaws.The right Navi key is missing, the camera key has detached, and scratches are literally “scratching the surface.” This Carl Zeiss shooter is also now having problems with contrast, as the photos I recently took were too dark even though it was taken in an area which has good lighting conditions. More than a year into service with a clumsy girl, the Nokia 6220 performs really well. Years ago, it was deemed as the cheap version of yet another NSeries stunner, the N82. Only a few handheld devices have Xenon flash, which they say is better than LED flash supplied with most phones in the market. The Nokia 6220 arguably is one of the best camera phones produced by Nokia, albeit in a weaker build (it is plasticky) and less stylish form. No complaints and regrets with getting it. I still find it impressive that it is still very much alive (functional) and kicking (trying to live longer, e.g. dark photos).

The Nokia C6, based on the specifications, is probably the consumer-pocket-friendly version of the siblings N97 and N97 Mini. I haven’t really tested a Nokia touchscreen for a day’s use and I admit to not knowing how it fares alongside its competitors. The QWERTY keyboard gives me hope that if I get to own a C6, I still have an easy method for text input. Can’t wait to test drive!

Two questions left:

  1. What could be the SRP for this handset?
  2. When will it be officially available in the Philippines?

Nokia Philippines, I want this phone so bad and most of the press releases say 2Q, so let’s get those C phones coming in the country! Keeping my fingers crossed for competitive pricing.