Liking A Laptop

Last week, I discovered that I am a grandma masquerading as a yuppie, what with my preferences for non-touchscreen devices and willingness to ditch these time-wasting games/apps (displaying maturity right there), only to succumb to a good game of Fruit Ninja this afternoon for a good fifteen minutes. Yes, a digital native finding difficulty with a touchscreen phone. I wanna go back to Nokia—solid, reliable and can do what mobile phones should do.

You know what, these phone manufacturers should consider offering customization options for consumers. Like, “Hi Nokia, can you make me a phone with QWERTY and touchscreen, similar to Nokia E7 but make sure it has a sturdy slider and that it can run any OS I like? And oh, I need processing power, so that better run Temple Run.” Impossible but I’ve always believed in dreaming big, so…

Completely the opposite of what Steve Jobs once said:

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Brand loyalty ends… for now

It’s time to move on.

Galaxy in my hands—Samsung Galaxy Ace

Galaxy in my hands

A short review of the new toy, first:
The main reason behind the switch is the OS (apps!) AND Gorilla Glass. It’s scratch-resistant glass, look it up on Youtube and check out videos that slice devices with a knife just to prove that Gorilla Glass is the bomb. I cannot say anything about the build of the Galaxy but its design makes it look fragile. At least the scratch part’s covered!

Cons I have observed: Battery life is awful—you have to charge daily. There is no comprehensive manual for Android OS. Most importantly, not exactly user-friendly for newbies. I had to explore for hours just to get my account synced. It’s hard to remember where particular settings are.

To be honest, I had second thoughts changing mobile brands. I was doing my research on Samsung and Nokia phones and stumbled upon a link that shared in full detail the email that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sent to an internal Nokia employee system stating that the “platform is burning.” I guess brand loyalty can make you emotional over products.

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