Big LEGO Minifig, Small UST Watch

My fascination with all things LEGO is inexplicable. What I do remember is asking an uncle of mine to buy me a LEGO when I was a kid and that was it. Now I fancy LEGO-inspired things, be it apparel, accessories, novelty items—anything that involves building blocks and minifigs (aka the LEGO people). My first purchase of a LEGO-like item is the iSound LEGO speaker, but up to now, I still haven’t found anything to add to it to make the phrase “collecting items” a reality.

This reminds me of a LEGO exhibit some months back, held at the Mega Atrium. There were plenty of minifigs all throughout the exhibit area!

LEGO Exhibit at Mega Atrium

A LEGO minifig made out of… LEGO?

LEGO Exhibit at Mega Atrium

Plenty of them in the sea!

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