Moleskine x LEGO Weekly Planner

I wasn’t planning on getting a Moleskine ever because of its price tag (heh cheapskate), but I received one as a gift. I still haven’t solved my notebooks dilemma, so I have yet to decide what to use it for since I am also into productivity/to-do apps. Of course there’s that color coding problem stopping me from writing on it, but I hope to decide on what to write there before the month ends.

Moleskine LEGO planner minifig

The minifig agrees.

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LEGOLAND Malaysia Miniland: Asian Destinations

Quite frankly, I may have missed some places in LEGOLAND Malaysia‘s Miniland because of the scorching heat in the afternoon.

We took advantage of taking photos beside Miniland right after we arrived. I thought of going back in the afternoon to take these “landscape” shots. It slipped my mind that weather isn’t a constant; so I ended up waiting for the sun to set to shoot majority of the displays. My attempts to take photos despite the bright, intense heat of the sun didn’t last long as the weather was nowhere near tolerable, even with my trusty umbrella. Best to wait it out (so that you’d get consistent metering in the shots as well) because you don’t want to end up two shades darker (like me).

Anyway, enough of the technical jargon and the weather rants. Below are some of the Asian destinations that I have yet to visit, haha.

SGMY2013 LEGOLAND Malaysia Johor Bahru Theme Park LEGO Miniland Taj Mahal India

Suddenly, India

I bet a number of Michael Scofields were hired to create this masterpiece. If you’ve seen Prison Break, you’ll get it. :P

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