Underrated Style

True to my “click-happy” nature which usually occurs past midnight (what a discovery, that hip hop jewelry wholesale site), I came across a music video by Rania (which happened to be quite old, but it sounds new to me because I wasn’t able to follow the group’s discography after “POP POP POP”):

“STYLE” could have been a hit with its infectious beat and lyrics. The track reminds me so much of 2NE1 that I can even assign them their parts. CL can do Saem’s “Classy, sexy, crazy, beautiful style”/”You’re not, you’re not my my my style” lines and the rapping, while Minzy can take the other parts of Saem, and perhaps she and Dara can split between T-ae and Xia’s verses. Bom gets the chorus and the high parts, of course. If those YouTube comments say the truth about this track being co-produced by YG then I guess that explains the “sounds like 2NE1″ element.

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Anniversary Giveaway: 2NE1 Items

My blog just turned two last month and I was not able to celebrate the occasion, not that I ever did for the seven years I was blogging, pre-isparkleen.com.

Since I went wild on shopping for K-Pop stuff during my trip, here is another giveaway. One winner gets to take home these 2NE1 merchandise: a card holder, cellphone charm and a CL nameplate.

2NE1 giveaway

Wanna join? Check out the widget below, and log in via Facebook or use your email address. Accomplish all four steps to earn points! More points=more chances of winning! (Open to Philippine residents only)

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