Korea 2012: Korean Celebrities

I had two in mind for possible fan encounters in Korea: actor Jo In Sung and Lee Chaelin of 2NE1.

I waited for them to appear out of nowhere, everywhere. Well, technically not everywhere since most of our shuttling around was in the subway/Seoul Metro. I don’t think famous people would attempt riding a train packed with people. I waited, even at the Incheon International Airport. Desperation was creeping in as I walked the halls of the number one airport in the world, but to no avail. As I took my seat in the plane on the way back to Manila, I left all hopes in Korea. No fangirling as a foreigner during this trip.

I had a back-up plan that I put into place even before the day came for me to face the reality that I failed. Pure brilliance I must say. No freaking out, no awkwardness, no fangirly craziness. How? I walked around the streets and found all of them there. In Myeongdong. A building next to our hotel. At the subway station near our exit. Smiling, waiting for me.

Jo In Sung for Outback Restaurant, South Korea

Jo In Sung for Outback Restaurant, South Korea


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