Crazy Katsu

Apart from Yabu, there’s another katsu place that people are raving about—Crazy Katsu. Took me a while to finally get a taste of the much-hyped chicken katsu because it isn’t that accessible (don’t hate me—my definition of accessible is “in malls”).

Crazy Katsu Maginhawa Quezon City

Crazy Katsu’s menu

Maginhawa was always just “Simple Line Quezon City branch” for me. The good thing is that Crazy Katsu’s just a couple of steps away from my favorite milk tea store! Woohoo!

Crazy Katsu’s exterior is nondescript. A contemporary signage gives passersby a hint of what’s in store. The interior was pleasant but lacks in accessories. Since the place was packed, Crazy Katsu’s little on the noisy side but that’s because there are no soft furnishings to absorb the sound. But then, what the heck, concentration goes to food once it’s served in front of me. Also, I don’t engage in conversations while eating (or maybe that’s just me. Eating is srs business, haha).

Crazy Katsu Maginhawa Quezon City sukiyaki

Better than I expected

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