Lazada Shopping Experience: The Quest For A Hairstyling Tool

This is the hairstyling tool I mentioned in my previous post. I bought this online via Lazada late last year. The item arrived in good condition after three days.

Philips Care & Control Straightener from Lazada online shopping hairstyling tool

Philips Care & Control Straightener from Lazada

Initially, I was torn between a hair straightener and a curling iron. Lazada has subcategories under major categories, making it easier for picky shoppers like me to navigate the site. After careful thought, I decided to get the former because my friends say I can curl my hair using a straightener anyway. I’m unsure though whether a curling iron can be used to straighten hair, especially those with big barrels. #BeautyNewbAlert! Not that it would make so much of a difference considering I am very clueless when it comes to hairstyling.

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Outrageous ‘Dos

Hello. I want either Park Bom or CL’s hair in the photo below.


I won't be able to pull off 2NE1 fashion, that's for sure, but their hair... I like!

I was instantly reminded of my sophomore year days when the lower part of my hair had light brown streaks. Kinda like CL’s only that mine is mostly black with light brown at the ends. It’s my way of saying “I’m now in college, let me do whatever I want with my hair!” ’cause the schools I went to consider hair color a big no-no.

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