I’d Like a White Hat

No, not a white hat as in sombrero. I’d like a White Hat as in The White Hat Frozen Yogurt. Guess what, they are opening another branch, this time in Cubao.

Days ago, I saw an area at Gateway Mall marked under construction with the store’s branding. This marks the first foray of a yogurt brand in that part of the city, and I guess people in the neighborhood need not look further (TriNoma/Robinson’s Galleria). FINALLY, FROYO IN CUBAO! Seriously, it makes me wonder why there are no froyo stores in the area.

My addiction to this Italian yogurt place began early this year. The yogurt found on supermarkets didn’t appeal to my tastebuds, but surprisingly, frozen does. After that, I was hooked. And it’s healthy, too!

Most people I know swear by another popular froyo store which originated in South Korea. It was very rich and creamy but less tangy as opposed to The White Hat. I still gave others a try although after I tried the two I mentioned above, I no longer looked anywhere else (it was just a choice between tangy>creamy or creamy>tangy). However, there are stalls that look interesting. There are also self-serve yogurt stores offering a variety of flavors. The by-weight option was a good idea but their tart flavor wasn’t as tangy as I would’ve liked. There is also a brand which was not only expensive but its taste was similar to ice cream. So yes, while I am not a fan of the real yogurt, I still go for tanginess when it comes to my froyo.

So today, we got our froyo fix at the TriNoma branch. It’s been a while since my last visit and I don’t know if that’s the reason why I had my yogurt with three toppings. I usually just get mangoes and marshmallows (and mochi, if available).

The White Hat Frozen Yogurt with crushed grahams, choco drops and my ultimate favorite, marshmallows

The White Hat Frozen Yogurt with crushed grahams, choco drops and my ultimate favorite marshmallows

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