AirAsia Zest, The Right Way to Fly

AirAsia Zest flies from Manila! Yes, you read that right! AirAsia in Manila! In case you were wondering, Zest Air now goes by the name “AirAsia Zest.” Here’s a snippet off their press release:

Zest Air is now flying with AirAsia, The World’s Best Low Cost Airline. The Civil Aeronautics Board (“CAB”) approved “AirAsia Zest” as the new brand name of Zest Airways, Inc. CAB also approved the new logo of Zest Airways, Inc., wherein the Zest name has been incorporated into the iconic red hot circle, which is the signature logo of AirAsia.

AirAsia Zest, NAIA Terminal 4: the perfect combo for Manila-based people who love to travel! I would love to experience this since my first AirAsia flight was at the former hub in Clark for our TPE trip this year.

With AirAsia Zest, you can get to your destination of choice at affordable prices. In fact, the folks at AirAsia Zest dare you to compare prices! Yay for travelers who want a no-frills experience. Plane ticket savings = shopping funds (or for the next plane ticket!) Wee!

Aside from that, they also have an ongoing contest in cooperation with Nuffnang. Bloggers stand a chance to win tickets to their destination of choice just by sharing dream destinations. How cool is that?

A blogger contest! Hooray!

Presenting my AirAsia Zest destination wishlist (with illustrations I worked so hard on)! Here goes:

1. Incheon, South Korea

AirAsia Zest Destination Wishlist: Incheon, South Korea

AirAsia Zest Destination Wishlist: Incheon, Philippines

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Glad to be Globe

Nuffnang‘s Glad to be Globe contest caught my attention. One, they’re giving away an iPad Mini to the best story, and two, I’m exactly what they are looking for. Just check out the photo below.


Two phones, same network

Isn’t this more than enough to prove that I am glad to be Globe? It would be hard to find someone who owns two phones that both have Globe SIMs. Each phone serves its own purpose.

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