The Return of the Comeback

What I had last Thursday is not quite like Simple Line but good enough for the price and the additional stuff in it (it has chocolate pudding and sago).

First heard of Quickly‘s milk tea when I was still a Candy Council of Cool girl. Kept hearing it from the Candy editors until it was phased out. I didn’t even know it’s back until I chanced upon the menu board at SM Mall of Asia. I just had to try. I’m happy I did.

Quickly menu

Quickly menu. Assorted pudding available also! Woohoo!

And this is Saturday:


Hello, round 1.

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Pre-VDay: Part Two

Like the previous post, I’ll let the photos do the talking for this too.

Our family is fond of buffets. For a change, we tried Sambokojin. Sambokojin is a grill-all-you-can, eat-all-you-can restaurant.

Appetizers are served on the table. This is Korean, right?



First stop: Japanese station. Sushi and sashimi overload! Some of their rolls are one-of-a-kind.

Sambokojin sushi and sashimi

Sushi! Sashimi! Ahhhh!!!

The also have a variety of meats soaked in different sauces. You can choose from tender/marbled ones. AND THEY ALSO HAVE OX TONGUE!


Raw meats


This is the fun part—cooking!

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