True “Blue” Fangirl

Boyband Blue

I remember my classmate who gave me a copy of a “songhits” with this photo used as cover photo.

My memory fails me sometimes. I completely forgot that last Saturday, September 25, marks the sixth year since I saw British boyband Blue in person. It is a big deal for me, for that fortuitous event was the beginning of bigger things to come. That experience gave me the confidence to submit an article to a widely read magazine, local teen publication Candy.

Upon recalling that memory, I found myself Googling for the latest news about my favorite boyband. Found out they’re already recording for their next album! Yes, they are reuniting! Really can’t wait to hear them sing new songs! They had solo projects but of course, the Blue sound is different from their individual ventures. Also, Lee Ryan has released his second solo album. I bet record bars here don’t have that one yet. :(

I used to have this poster on my wall

I used to have this poster on my wall

“Guilty” is by far my favorite Blue album, although the thought of seeing the music video for “Curtain Falls” the first time still reminds me of the sadness I felt, sensing that the song might mean their exit from the spotlight.

Blue as angels!

Blue as angels!

I wonder what their next release’s sound would be. I like their brand of RnB. It’s sad that the special collections weren’t released in the Philippines such as the Platinum Collection! Maybe when they stage another concert in Manila, which of course, I’d want to happen. I still have that front row/front of house/backstage ambition. I also haven’t got the chance to talk to Duncan James face-to-face, and take group photos. So please, “If You Come Back”… sing “Best In Me” the next time around, yes? :)

Photo credits: Fanpop

Finally, A Raffle Draw Win

Some people know me for joining and winning contests, most especially meet and greets with my favorite musicians. People think that it merely entails submitting your name and your entry and some convincing answer on why YOU deserve the prize. That, aside from following the mechanics, is what makes the road to winning a challenge.

Fortunately, my entries are convincing, to say the least, as evidenced by my meet and greet moment with British boyband Blue some years back, courtesy of the truly missed MTV Philippines.

However, I am not so lucky when it comes to contests that require sheer luck or thousands of Likes. I still kind of regret joining that contest where I had to come up with a concept and all because of the effort put into campaigning my entry. It felt like a losing battle from the beginning but I thought it would be so “loser-ish” of me to concede in the middle of the contest’s run. Come on, it’s an iPad! I also thought then that there is still a slim chance of winning since the cut off is top 50 most Liked but we all know what happened.

After that I told myself that if ever I am gonna join something on Facebook in the near future, winning that contest is not gonna be based on bringing the most Facebook users to Like a page because it is so tedious to do so unless you have plenty of friends that are super Facebookers. Still, I am thankful because I got to know kind-hearted and sweet friends I had who would actually not just Like my entry but repost and even campaign for my entry.

But earlier this year (and earlier than the Nescafe iPad contest), I randomly got a meet and greet pass from no less than Rhiza Pascua of Music Management International, and the Behind the Music with Dashboard Confessional ticket which I won just by posting on their Wall.

I thought, “Now I’m winning something and it’s kinda random!” So my eyes totally got bigger than the usual when I saw my name tagged in one of San Marino Corned Tuna‘s Wall post last weekend.

San Marino Corned Tuna's Wall

Lookie, I won!

Four movie tickets!

Four movie tickets!

I got the tickets yesterday. Thank you San Marino Corned Tuna! Incidentally, we have four cans of corned tuna in the pantry. :P