Torn Between Two Boybands

Blue must have known what I have been up to recently (treachery!) that they show up in the suggestions on Youtube, right smack in the middle of Backstreet Boys. Don’t worry, lads. There are actually a couple of songs by BSB (meaning I still care about you… oh wait, that IS a Backstreet Boys song!) that suit your voices. “On Without You” is one. Stumbling upon this makes it obvious that I scoured the Internet for unreleased tracks of the American boyband… oops!

Can I just say that Nick Carter‘s voice has improved? I can listen to his part over and over again. I can also imagine Lee Ryan taking that part! Best ballad by BSB, ever. They should release this.

This next song I can’t imagine Blue to be doing, but heck, it’s composed by RedOne, this time with J-Marc and Kristian Lundin, Carl Falk and Rami who have worked with BSB in the past. Blue has mentioned in interviews that they are collaborating with RedOne for the new album. Somehow I can’t imagine them to do a “Straight Through My Heart”-esque song. Anyway, here’s “Figured You Out”:

“I’m not a player, I’m not a clown” does not make sense, but it’s sung in a sexy, almost vengeful manner that it’s more than okay to overlook the lyrics. Just imagine Nick with out-of-bed hair singing this line, and I bet you wouldn’t even bother with words that mean nothing, hrhr. AJ’s voice also stands out in this track, and it seems like Brian has gotten his “old voice” back on this track.

Trivia time:

  • Kristian co-wrote “Quit Playing Games with My Heart” and “I Want It That Way” with Max Martin, while Rami worked on “The Call” with Max, too. Probably why the intro to “Figured You Out” is so “The Call” (and I love it!).
  • Carl and Rami co-wrote One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and “One Thing.” Interestingly, those songs have yet to grow on me. It only proves that they write with the band’s audience in mind… and it means I am NOT One Direction’s market. Haha. (Read: I’m old)

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The Two-Thousand-and-Late Backstreet Boys Fangirl

Before anything else, I would like to say that Blue is still my favorite. But please release your album now; I can’t wait to hear your RedOne-produced single (I love “Straight Through My Heart” but I’m sure I’m gonna love your single better; after all you’re the number one boyband for me, you’re my ecstasy… oops, wrong song). Back to regular programming.

So… my confession. I think I may have been turned into a Backstreet Boys fan. I think I was nearly a fan with “Larger Than Life” with my phases of waking up early on Saturdays just to watch MTV Asia Hitlist (which is the same thing I did for Blue with “If You Come Back” a decade ago), but I didn’t attend their concerts (and that’s a big determiner, but then again, I felt they would always come back).

Since I am “new” in the fandom, I have to play some catch up with their songs. This Is Us (2009) is an awesome album which made me regret missing their concert two years ago. Nick Carter can kill high notes now! It seems like he and Brian Littrell have switched voices, because something is not right with Brian’s recently. :( Going back, the songs off “This is Us” are really good. A track with the same title exists, and it sounds really different from their Max Martin hits years ago. Check it out:

“This Is Us” (live)

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