Happy and Blue: Summer in Ateneo

The irony in being happy and blue; the latter’s intended meaning on being a student of the Ateneo. See what I did there! *dances like a dork*

Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, master degree

Church of the Gesù in Ateneo

The first part of my summer was spent inside cold classrooms, in which I tried my best to absorb everything while furiously taking down notes. I want to get rid of this annoying habit since the professors give the slides anyway, but it’s easier for me to recall the lecture when I see it in my handwriting. Weird, eh. It’s a love/hate relationship with Peyton Sawyer of One Tree Hill’s “I remember the day” concept.

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Breaking the Habits

The last three days were quite a blur. The transition from being a working girl to working student did not go smoothly as I would’ve wanted it to be. I have prepared months ago for this, but getting rid of nasty habits is still a struggle, even now. I have a self-imposed social media break but so far, I have been unsuccessful in doing so. I mentally pat myself in the back whenever I stop the urge from clicking my way to sites that are guaranteed to waste my time.

Books, papers

Books, papers

If it’s any consolation, I’m regaining my attention span when it comes to reading. Proud to say I missed my senior year in college, the year when I was immersed in cases and informative readings in broadcast media.