Ice Cream and Camera Dreams

Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream

My favorite flavor ever! Coffee ♥

Was bored during lunch break so I walked a bit to claim my free scoop of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. The last time I had Häagen-Dazs was in elementary. I vividly remember my uncle giving me a pint of Cookies and Cream, telling me that Häagen-Dazs is an expensive ice cream brand. However, my tastebuds did not think it was that special for it to command a price like that, and didn’t try it again (with my own money, it’s hard to refuse treats, yes?).

I don’t really know what justifies this ice cream’s price, but judging from my cup of coffee ice cream, it sure didn’t melt quickly, but its consistency is nearing a peanut butter spread (weird comparison). It tasted good, actually. And it’s free so no complaints!

Camera ring

I finally found you! Now, more to go!

Also, I finally came across a camera accessory I still didn’t have in a nearby tiangge. By accessory, I mean fashion accessory. My first camera ring!

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Half Day to Divisoria and Binondo

Spent the entire morning scouring Divisoria for good finds. The place is seriously packed! People are probably scouring for Christmas gifts this early. Most of the stuff there are inexpensive and the variety can drive a bargain hunter mad. Clothes, shoes, home accessories, toys, novelty items, makeup, electronics; I wouldn’t even be surprised if there are good books or natural acne treatment sold in Divi, those I listed are the usual stuff in most stalls.

I didn’t get to go around that much but I was able to buy a couple of things like that round foldable fan I’ve been seeing a lot lately in various colors. My eyes are naturally drawn to accessories shops, since the time I found out that some of the vintage long necklaces I see in malls and stalls are cheaper here by probably Php 20 to 50 pesos. I scored a good buy with a classy long necklace.

Rhinestone flowers necklace

Rhinestone flowers necklace

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