Outrageous ‘Dos

Hello. I want either Park Bom or CL’s hair in the photo below.


I won't be able to pull off 2NE1 fashion, that's for sure, but their hair... I like!

I was instantly reminded of my sophomore year days when the lower part of my hair had light brown streaks. Kinda like CL’s only that mine is mostly black with light brown at the ends. It’s my way of saying “I’m now in college, let me do whatever I want with my hair!” ’cause the schools I went to consider hair color a big no-no.

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For my KPop dose, I have been stuck listening to SM Entertainment artists for the longest time (aside from 2NE1, but that’s out of curiosity for (San)Dara and her career in her homeland). To break away a bit, I asked my friends for recommendations. My only requirement is the genre: no hip-hop and if there’s rapping, it should be kept to a minimum (and no plus size sexy lingerie-wearing ladies, LOLJK). Randomly chose from their lists and stumbled upon KARA. Unlike Girls’ Generation/SNSD, KARA is composed of only five members, namely Park Gyuri, Han Seung-yeon, Goo Hara, Nicole Jung and Kang Jiyoung. It took me only around two days to figure out who’s who, as compared to SNSD which took me more than a week and a couple of days’ “review” to finally match nine faces with nine names.


Taken after their performance in the rain. How come their make-up's still perfect?

But as with all favorites, I instantly took notice of Park Gyuri who happens to be the leader of this particular Korean girl group. When I was loading “Lupin” for the first time on YouTube, I noticed her already (even if it was just half of her face showing). The video started playing and I ended up confused (these Korean girls look the same to me at first glance, apologies). Video ends and I tell the geek Gyuri is pretty and the girl who flips her hair is cute (Goo Hara). He then comments that Gyuri regards herself as a goddess, and I was like, “Okay.” Never really liked people who think of themselves highly, or overly confident ones for that matter, but she is undeniably gorgeous, I really don’t mind if she proclaims herself a goddess time and time again. After re-watching various “perfs”1 of “Lupin”, I also took notice of the way Hara carries herself—she has this confident vibe, the kind that will make the viewer think she can instantly transform into “Lupin-ized” Hara any given time. I also like their maknae Jiyoung, those chubby cheeks suit her (Seohyun connection?).

I’m checking out other girl groups just so I can get over Park Gyuri for now (LOL). How can you not like her? Most beautiful profile ever. 0:36 of the video, see for yourself.

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