Anniversary Giveaway: 2NE1 Items

My blog just turned two last month and I was not able to celebrate the occasion, not that I ever did for the seven years I was blogging,

Since I went wild on shopping for K-Pop stuff during my trip, here is another giveaway. One winner gets to take home these 2NE1 merchandise: a card holder, cellphone charm and a CL nameplate.

2NE1 giveaway

Wanna join? Check out the widget below, and log in via Facebook or use your email address. Accomplish all four steps to earn points! More points=more chances of winning! (Open to Philippine residents only)

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KPop inspiration and some resolutions

It’s ironic to be writing a post that enumerates my resolutions and random thoughts for next year when one of them includes sleeping AND waking up early. And here I am, very much awake without the help of Gong Cha milk tea (less sugar, less ice), typing away like it’s nine in the morning.

So… I’m writing this because I was inspired by no less than KPop star CL of 2NE1. I read some raves about her the other day. Here is a girl that they say is not conventionally pretty like other idols (that somehow look alike) but hello, she has these three: swagger, skills and success.

Lee Chaerin of 2NE1 (CL)


Earlier, I found myself watching some SBS performances and found myself admiring this girl for being so… sure of herself. I have noticed that before in 2NE1’s performances. She goes on stage and her body language screams, “I really don’t care, I love what I’m doing.” Naega jeil jal naga talaga! I’m sold. In my head, I was having an internal pep talk with myself. This girl is just 20 and yet she seems to be having a blast, enjoying work like it’s all play. She might not be what most people had in mind for an idol, but the talent, hardwork and passion are all there—nothing can go wrong!

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