2NE1: All or Nothing Live in Manila

Here’s to updating my blog more frequently. For my big blogging comeback is no less than the K-pop supergroup, 2NE1.

2NE1 All Or Nothing Live in Manila concert Mall of Asia Arena

My 2NE1 photoset

I made a promise to myself that I shouldn’t miss 2NE1’s next concert here in the Philippines, which was timely because I only became a fan with “I AM THE BEST.” Nothing like checking the tour setlist to motivate me, because all the songs I like from To Anyone and CRUSH were included in it!

The girls didn’t waste any time. A couple of minutes past eight in the evening, the girls made their way toward the stage with an explosive opening number (“CRUSH”/”FIRE”).

2NE1 All Or Nothing Live in Manila concert Mall of Asia Arena


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Write, write, write

I’ve been thinking of writing more since the beginning of this year.

Obviously, my three-month absence on this blog serves as a huge reminder that I should keep my promises–especially those that I make for myself.

Life lately has gotten more exciting, if not challenging. There’s nothing to complain about, really, even though I still haven’t gotten back on track with writing leisurely. I guess I just need to focus and get rid of distractions like watching proposal videos on Youtube (which reminds me of this store that features the best selection of class rings) and the mindless and frequent checking of Facebook News Feed (that really eats up a chunk of time, really). I’m glad that I’ve been reading more frequently recently, which I think is a great start toward this plan to write, write, write.

Any book suggestions?