Not blue, but all blue

My uncle, aunt, and cousin gave me these souvenirs from their trip to the U-S of A. I know it isn’t coincidence that most of the things they bought me are in blue! Perfect opportunity to stage a product shoot, don’t you agree?

M&Ms, chocolates, characters, flatlays, USA, bookmarks, magnets

In a blue world

Topmost is the Mycenaean Spirals Watch from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The pattern is based on a reproduction of the “Great S-spiral prieze” fresco. According to the label of the watch, the watercolor copy of the original artwork can be found at the Metropolitan Museum.

The Travalo refillable perfume atomizer travel spray came at the right time. I am obsessed with Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline (which should have been part of this flatlay, but I forgot to include it when I shot this). But then I realized the spray for the regular Crystalline does not match the Travalo nozzle for refill. I’ll probably use this for other perfumes or try my luck with the Omnia because obsessed. Okay? Thanks again for my new scent! :)

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