Blue Bridge Locks

Is this the next place for love locks?

Katipunan blue bridge Regis Quezon City lovelock


I was deep in thought about excellent yamaha ll6 for sale at guitar center when I turned my head to the side and saw small objects glistening in the late afternoon sun. As it turns out, the sparkly things were padlocks! Some of them even have initials written on them, true to the description of what a love lock is. I didn’t notice it before, so perhaps it’s relatively new. I wonder if this novelty would actually take off.

Dream Cities

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this area at the Fontana clubhouse in Pampanga was one of Girls’ Generation’s big hits: Mr. Taxi.

Tokyo Seoul London New York Fontana Clark Pampanga


Even the order of the cities are exact. “Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York,” crooned Taeyeon, my favorite member of the KPop group. Hehe. This reminds me that I am no longer updated with pop though I should get back on track soonest. That and accessories I wish I needed like a violin case, heh. :P