Style Essentials

All the fashion gurus were correct when they said that one needs to invest on basic pieces like a plain white top or well-fitting pants. I wish I took these pieces of advice when I was younger because basics never go out of style. I just remembered making this “layout” months ago when I was asked for my wishlist. Hehe.

H&M Casio watch wishlist bag

Because a publishing girl with OC tendencies just had to layout wishlists…

So yeah, a roomy black bag that can be used along with almost any outfit, and a silver, “grown up” watch that exudes srs bznz haha. I’ll choose a roomy handbag over small purses any day (although there were instances when I’d go for a clutch, but those are only reserved for days when I don’t really have to lug everything around). Not a huge fan of those plastered with repetitive/loud logos, and blingy ones with heavy accessories because the contents of my bag are heavy enough to make my shoulder wince in pain. Perhaps it is for that reason that Longchamp totes are a huge success. Haha. I also don’t like totes that require me to fit my arm inside just so I could fish for my sanitizer or whatnot, in the same way that bags with excessive width are so not commuter friendly. The handbag above is the perfect size, height/weight wise, so thank you to my uncle and aunt for buying it, hehe. Also, I obviously know everything I dislike. Haha!

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Lazada Shopping Experience: The Quest For A Hairstyling Tool

This is the hairstyling tool I mentioned in my previous post. I bought this online via Lazada late last year. The item arrived in good condition after three days.

Philips Care & Control Straightener from Lazada online shopping hairstyling tool

Philips Care & Control Straightener from Lazada

Initially, I was torn between a hair straightener and a curling iron. Lazada has subcategories under major categories, making it easier for picky shoppers like me to navigate the site. After careful thought, I decided to get the former because my friends say I can curl my hair using a straightener anyway. I’m unsure though whether a curling iron can be used to straighten hair, especially those with big barrels. #BeautyNewbAlert! Not that it would make so much of a difference considering I am very clueless when it comes to hairstyling.

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