The Best Haircut Ever: Park Jun’s Beauty Lab

In a few words: I need wash and wear, can-be-styled-differently-at-times hair.  And this is where Park Jun’s Beauty Lab in Glorietta, Makati comes into the picture.

I wish I could share with you photos of the salon interiors, but I was ushered right away to the salon area. The Filipino staff are very accommodating and for a moment, I forgot that I was in a Korean salon. They also had new magazines available, and that says a lot, details-wise.

I showed my pegs to Lena, the hairstylist assigned to me. I went into the details of the cut, and how I want it to be styled on some days. You read that right. PEGS (because this is the norm for publishing people, haha).

MInzy 2NE1 hairstyle 2013

Minzy’s hairstyle in the last quarter of 2013. Photo credits: @minzy21mz

Lena didn’t just snip away my locks just to get rid of the length, unlike the majority of hairstylists I’ve entrusted my mane with. She worked meticulously with every section of my hair, checking the length from time to time. Attention to details is always a plus in my book. This is how it turned out:

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Singapore 2013: BIG Hotel

Still from the #IsparkleenSGMY series!

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

Very. Homey. Lobby.

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to reading reviews of products or services that I want to try/avail. For one, there’s no more surprises. Second, you think you know what to expect, what with the glowing reviews and some comments thrown into the mix. You also find out what people dislike/aren’t happy with, and you resonate with them at some point because you don’t want to be inconvenienced or disappointed. By the time comes that you are finally in that room, a part of you expects to experience both the pros and cons of the reviews.

Classic example: “bed bugs.” Some hotels improve in terms of cleanliness over time, and not all rooms have it (at least that’s how I think). But since the dreaded words in many reviews have left its mark in my mind, there’s that nagging feeling that one, two or more will show up at some point. Eew.

BIG Hotel, Singapore, superior room

Screenshot of our television screen

In the case of BIG Hotel, there were countless reviews about the size of the room. It’s all about a matter of perspective, as Asian countries tend to have smaller rooms even for private homes. There are condominium units in the Philippines at 16sqm with living and dining areas, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom! So when I opened the door, the spaciousness was a pleasant surprise. The superior room had a reasonably high ceiling, so you won’t end up feeling claustrophobic.

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