Walk Me Up! Alarm

In a world where free apps are all the rage, I am one of the very few users who have not filled their device with a bunch of apps. I only install the apps I think would benefit me in the long run. Occasionally, I download a free game or two so that I have something to combat boredom with when stuck in queues, but most of the time, my phone’s “gameless.”

Never did I expect to come across an alarm that would actually count the steps so as to prove that I am completely awake, but yes, it actually exists and it’s free!

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock Android app

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

So… did this app manage to “walk me up?” Well…

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Today, I realized that:
1. I haven’t had fun in a while.
2. I won’t be having MORE fun in a while.

I don’t know which hurts more: the realization or the acceptance.

I think I turned into someone I don’t like (hate is too strong of a word to use to describe myself; I’m being gracious here because I can be too hard on myself), which happened to be someone I thought I should be up until recently. Now that someone wants to break out of that shell and rediscover an entirely new side, but she does not have the time, freedom and convenience in the world to do so. What’s that girl gotta do?