2014: Making It Happen

A couple of days have already passed and I feel like I want to do so much work. It’s like I’ve been turned into an Energizer Bunny when the date changed to January 1, 2014. On top of mind for this year, apart from improving content and hits on this blog, is to make the most out of my skills and use it to my advantage.

2014 Making It Happen DIY Planner 2014

MM Planner 2014

The prospect of being more productive, whether for accomplishing ongoing projects or starting new ones, excite me so much. I also have plenty of ideas brewing for new personal projects that I hope to be able to plan thoroughly so as not to tire myself out. Must avoid deluding myself into thinking that I can go on a day without sleep, because I’ve learned my lesson the hard (albeit hilarious) way in 2013. That is, unless you want to end up like me who fell asleep in the middle of a lively conversation without me realizing it… and bam, nose meets rim of the glass on the table. Go figure.

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