Here I go again, questioning my life choices and asking my go-getter self to bounce back on track. It’s not that I’m less determined than before. I’ll always have that aggressive, ambitious, and competitive side in me (think Seo Eun Gi in the first few episodes of The Innocent Man). I just have so many dreams–ideas actually, that I find myself being in love with the idea rather than the idea of turning it into reality. Get it?

Okay, let me set aside #grownupissues. On to something light and fun.

I came across this cute celebrity in the making named Diego Ledesma. This kid turned his Facebook page into an advice column of sorts. And just how young he is? According to this article, Diego is just seven years old. He looks younger to me, actually. Numbers aside, it’s refreshing to come across a youngster who’s game to answer questions posed by grown-ups. He’s very popular now because of the PLDT Home DSL TVC. Not only that, Diego is slowly becoming a superstar with his guestings in some local TV shows. The whole family joins him in the spotlight, too. Not at all surprising since they’re such a good-looking bunch.

[Check out this piece on Diego to know more about this cute kiddo!]

Meanwhile, let me get back to my muni-muni mode. Maybe I’m the one who needs to ask a kid for advice. Hehe.

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

One of Steve Jobs’ most remarkable quotes was:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.

It practically makes sense because it’s impossible to predict the future. You can only analyze when things have happened. However, you can only begin to connect the dots backwards starting from that instance if you can backtrack and remember all the threads that made up that certain fabric. There’s that “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” moment that sinks in when The Big Thing finally arrives. I really think that it makes sense, but there are moments when disappointment kicks in… only because more questions arise instead of me settling for the answers provided by the now.

Here’s to another episode of me, overthinking.