Twenty Thirteen

Taking a quick pause with my backlogs to come up with a list of things I am grateful for in 2013. Here goes:

  • The Star Cinema-esque moments of my life. Haha! Cut by cut, sequence by sequence, highs and lows. Sometimes I wonder why things have to be so cinematic at times, but I am thankful and I want more… of the good stuff. Hahaha!
  • Won a smartphone in a raffle draw for the first time ever.
  • Had the best Katipunan summer! The insightful classes, fun breaks with classmates and everything else in between!
  • One of my closest friends went to Manila for a short visit. Can’t wait for your 2014 visit, Akinae!
  • Went to UST a couple of times: just for kicks, and for schoolwork. I still blend in the community. Haha!

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