Seoul Souvenirs

No, I didn’t impulsively fly to South Korea recently (although I wish I had the time and money to do so).

Korea souvenirs Etude House Laneige BB Cushion Sleeping Pack EX Everland utensils bookmark chopsticks

Souvenirs from Seoul!

I asked my uncle to buy me a pair of chopsticks and a spoon, only because I completely forgot to do it myself when I went there two years ago. He also thoughtfully bought a plated bookmark to add to my pseudo-collection, and a cute pouch from Everland.

And because I’m a girl, I also convinced him to buy some Korean beauty products (with the justification that it’s waaaay cheaper in Seoul).

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Discovering My Art

I can blame it on recent trends. Those creatives online who are popular for the creative things that they dowhich can either be inspiring or destructive, really. The former, because brilliance can push me to do something with such impact like these people, or the latter, for it makes me realize that there are some things I have not accomplished… yet. Thankfully it’s more of the inspiration part than the pity party (which usually happens when I find out that said accomplished, creative person is younger than me, but let’s not dabble on that).

On Instagram alone are very talented artists who continually inspire me to do more. There’s Jasmine Dowling (@jasminedowling), an Australian graphic designer who does brilliant brush work typography (and is just a twenty-one-year-old student at that… did I mention earlier that we’re not going there?), and Fozzy Castro-Dayrit (@thefozzybook), a designer and calligrapher who does sophisticated and flawless calligraphy. Plus points also go to Fozzy for her generosity when it comes to sharing what she knows about the art form.

Safe to say Fozzy made me do this. Do what exactly? This.

Deovir Arts, SM Megamall, Sakura watercolor brush, Speedball, Scribe Writing Essentials, SM Aura, Marie acrylic, Prang watercolor, Hunt 99, Hunt 101

I heART it! Went art material shopping these past few weeks!

Where does this lead me, knowing that I cannot draw? Closest to it is calligraphy or typographywhich is apparently something that comes natural with me. This motivation came from showing my SNote typography to my co-workers. Our art director commented that I had it in me, and that gave me the confidence to pursue “lettering” seriously. I just have to learn the basics of calligraphy and immerse myself even more in typography trends and designs. This also means that I should be more consistent with my Typography Tuesdays posts if I decide to pursue the non-digital form of the art, because there has to be proof of improvement. #evercompetitivewithmyself

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