Project Pie

Ever get that FOMO feeling when you see people posting the same thing over and over again? I sometimes do. If a bunch of people I know (and some others that I don’t really know in person but are influential online) posts about some cool new gadget, I might just get one for myself even though I don’t know how to play any instrument. It’s that bad, and I think most of us are subjected to that whenever we access social media sites. Haha. Project Pie is no exception to me.

Project Pie Eastwood Quezon City

Pizza for the picky eater (me!)

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Kitchen at Greenbelt 3

Little did I know that there exists a restaurant in one of the corners of Greenbelt in Makati. Haha! It was an out of the blue discovery, with my friend dragging me along to this restaurant with the keywords “lots of rice.” Haha! My expectations were met, but I didn’t expect for it to be served in a huge plate.

Kitchen Greenbelt Makati

HUGE plate. SEE.

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