Inception: What really is real?

In college, my professor in Sociology told us in class one time that dreams are just mixed-up thoughts in our subconscious. We have memory banks that overflow when the brain is at rest, and such happens when we sleep. Thus, this overflow results to combined ideas in the mind—memories, aspirations—just about anything we have thought of or currently thinking about. Of course, that is just one explanation.

I’ve been wanting to see Inception ever since my friends kept on posting about it on social networking sites. Most of them were raving about the film, and it seemed like it wasn’t just a mindless flick—I was really right about that. I won’t go into detail with regard to the plot, but there were some Titanic references (yes, I was listing those in my mind while I was watching the film and analyzing it at the same time).


  • Mal’s “If I jump, will I survive?”




    I wanted Cobb to reply, “You jump, I jump, remember?” Oops, I think Leo is not talking to Kate Winslet in this movie.

  • Whisper whispers




    There was a scene in the movie where Mal (I am not sure if it really was her) was whispering Cobb’s name. Which reminded me of Rose’s struggle to wake up a frozen Jack.

K, I admit, I’ve been thinking too much.

For people who have watched the movie, you know how it began and how it ended. What I found amazing about this movie is that people didn’t stop thinking when the credits rolled; I’ve searched the Internet for reviews about the movie after I saw it and was impressed how it sparked numerous discussions on what really happened. The discussion over at Screen Rant is a really good read. There are plenty of interesting points raised on that site, and most of those presented were also my questions or assumptions regarding what really happened. Here are some:
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