Starstruck with Sarah G

The word “starstruck” was out of my system ever since my stint at ABS-CBN. After all, interns are tasked duties which involve coordinating and talking to celebrities. It’s surreal in the beginning, until it sinks in that these people on TV are still like regular men and women who just happened to be thrust into the spotlight. And then you get used to it.

The experience taught me a few things: that there really is more to shows than the edited output seen on TV, that it is a tough business, and that it requires so much work to be able to mount an episode or a show. From all the technicalities, equipment, processes, etc., I learned to appreciate everything else I’ve seen after that stint.

Sarah Geronimo Popstar ASAP 19 Live performance

Into the spotlight: Sarah G

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I’m fully aware that I am too early for Typography Tuesdays, but today is National Handwriting Day, so an SNote doodle is required of me, budding stylus magician. WHUT.

You read that right, magic…

Samsung Galaxy Note SNote Isparkleen Typography Got To Believe g2b KathNiel

Every wish is ours tonight, my love… Sobrang cheesy talaga!

Got the title from one of the remarkable KathNiel trending topics, and song lyric quoted is obviously the soundtrack of their current primetime series.

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