Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 Finals Night

I know, I know. It has been more than a week (a week and a day, to be exact) since the Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 Finals Night.

This year’s lineup is comprised of 15 entries and 19 interpreters. It was a healthy mix of amateur and professional songwriters. The Js from last year’s competition have made it as finalists—2013 Grand Prize winner Joven Tan, Jungee Marcelo of the “Nasa’yo Na Ang Lahat” fame, and Jude Gitamondoc. Some songwriters are no strangers to the industry. The tandem of Raizo Chabeldin and Biv de Vera created “Gisingin Ang Puso” by Liezel Garcia (my LSS for the most part of 2013, haha!) and some other songs. The composer of “Simpleng Tulad Mo,” MJ Magno, used to be part of the P-Pop group XLR8. I heard MJ’s version of the song—it’s mellower compared to Daniel Padilla‘s which has a pop-rock feel to it. Hazel Faith Dela Cruz (“Everything Takes Time”) appears in the noontime series Be Careful with My Heart and has done a couple of 2NE1 Tagalog covers online. She is the lone entrant who performed her own composition.

I obviously have a thing for detail, so excuse the pop trivia overload.

The intrepreters are an interesting mix of up and coming singers (Michael Pangilinan, Morissette Amon), singing competition veterans (Jed Madela, Angeline Quinto) and those who have been Himig Handog intrepreters in previous editions (Marion Aunor, Jovit Baldivino, and the Phenomenal Diva, Jessa Zaragoza1). Here are some snaps from the finals’ night (I just realized that I wasn’t able to take photos of all the participants #OCproblems):

Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 Finals Night Smart Araneta Coliseum Morissette Amon Kiko Salazar Akin Ka Na Lang

Morissette Amon – “Akin Ka Na Lang”

My bet from #TeamSarah in The Voice of the Philippines season 1. She showed off her vocal chops with her range runs and whistle in this track.

Himig Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014 Finals Night Smart Araneta Coliseum Michael Pangilinan Joven Tan Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako

Michael Pangilinan – “Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako”

It’s Michael Pangilinan’s time to shine with one of the more experimental entries this year.

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  1. She participated in Himig Handog some years back with “Hindi Na Bale” []

OneRepublic Live in Manila 2013: Highlights

“Seriously, I mean, it’s like you’re all in choir or something, this is ridiculous!”—Ryan Tedder

I’m not the type who sings along in concerts. It’s very un-Pinoy of me, but that’s because I prefer taking it all in, appreciating everything silently. The statement above is a big compliment from the super talented, musical genius that is Ryan Tedder, so allow me to feel a bit of pride alongside the rest of the (mostly) singing audience who watched OneRepublic earlier.

OneRepublic live in Manila 2013

There’s always that bittersweet moment in a concert

It still feels surreal. After months of agonizing over the possibility of missing out on this concert, I consider having managed to score tickets at the very last minute as a major feat. I’m still suffering from post-concert syndrome, so I kept myself preoccupied by compiling select clips from the concert.

I “Apologize” for the seemingly indecisive placement of titles. I really am sleepy, but I can’t sleep (!).

Tears formed in my eyes when they started playing “Secrets.” The recorded version is intense enough, but wait till you hear it live. I guess that track really speaks to people in the creative field who frequently face personal frustrations.

During the concert, I realized that Native has plenty of songs for significant others (but at least the concert didn’t feel like date night, haha). Play “Feel Again,” “Burning Bridges,” “If I Lose Myself” and “Something I Need” in this exact order and you’d get what I mean. (Or this might be my cinematic/romantic side talking/over-analyzing. Ha!)

I didn’t expect Ryan to be that energetic onstage. He was on fire! He also kept on dishing out falsettos effortlessly (reminds me of another favorite, another Ryan). Witnessing him in his multi-instrumentalist mode left the pop geek in me speechless. I can say that my admiration for Ryan Tedder’s musicality multiplied after tonight. He knows how to connect to his audience. If I were a musician, it would be a dream to collaborate with him.

Check out this clip where the band performed my sentimental favorite “Apologize” with a mash-up of sorts towards the end. Some also thought of filling in for Timbaland when the intro played, haha. Gives you an idea how it would be like to jam with Ryan/if Ryan Tedder were your music teacher.

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