Version Tew-Point-Ohw

It’s actually version four-point-ohw for the blog’s layout, which I changed out of boredom. The decision to overhaul the design elements of the blog only meant one thing: sleepless nights and personally welcoming the streaks of sunlight into the windows of my room. Being stubborn has its perks, because I actually love the new look. I hope my three readers would, too? Please appreciate because CSS is a pain.

So what’s sparkling new, blog-wise? A bit of a color scheme change, larger photos (which makes the grain noticeable for some photos, booyeah) and a new watermark with a size I have yet to fix, perhaps after all the travel posts on Ilocos are done (yes, because I batch processed them and I don’t wanna repeat it again for the sake of changing the watermark).

And yes, it’s 2am as I am typing this. So version tew-point-ohw of me. I shouldn’t be awake at this hour, let alone be working relentlessly on my blog. All the free time on my hands after my career version one-point-ohw has given me the freedom to let ideas form on its own and dance around inside my brain, and I’m once again falling into the habit of starting so many things at the same time.

I’m rambling.

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Isparkleen’s Picks and Finds: The Maiden Issue

All the clicking and dragging unexpectedly turned into a springboard for another idea for my blog alongside online window shopping at ZALORA and came up with this:

Isparkleen's picks from ZALORA Philippines

This is Isparkleen’s Picks and Finds’ maiden issue! :) Use Isparkleen120 as checkout code and get 5% discount! :)

I am gonna make this a regular “section” on my blog because I love online window shopping, doing layouts and pretty things. If I am feeling extra inspired, I might also feature items that all fall under a certain category/theme. I’m not yet decided with the frequency of Picks and Finds because I want to feature cool, attractive and creative stuff, and while there’s a lot out there, I don’t think I have enough time to scour the Internet the entire day for fantastic finds. I will try, though.

Let me also take this opportunity to announce that I am open to collaborations. Looking forward to hearing from brands/products/services that I personally use/believe in/fangirl over. I’m sure we can come up with an exciting partnership! :) Drop me a line at mm [at]! :)