Hairstyling Like No Other

My eyebrows are far from perfect. It’s almost next to invisible, and it has become something I’ve gotten used to. Putting on too much brow powder makes me feel like I’m not myself when I check my face in the mirror.

But then, a good discount came by Deal Grocer. It is my second group buying purchase, the first one was a really good offer at Bubble Tea (in another site). I have heard so many things about Browhaus. One of my bosses even had her brows done there, and it’s like she’s had those brows since forever.

Browhaus Manila

Isn't this cute?

I bought a coupon and waited for a couple of weeks to have my eyebrows done. Why? I was no longer sure whether my current eyebrow shape is the right one for my face, so I had to grow it out to have them reshaped properly at Browhaus. Good thing for bangs, the stray, unruly hair was hardly noticeable.

Everything went by so fast (and that explains why I don’t have photos). Counter for the details, submarine-like room, short chit-chat with my attendant, threading. My attendant explained that their thread is made out of 100% cotton which results to less pain in threading. This was my second threading experience and I have to say that the thread really does wonders.

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My Revlon Beauty Loot

My site went down during a weekend, when I have more time to actually come up with entries. Since I couldn’t recall now what I have intended to blog, I might as well post some stuff I did some weekends ago. Beauty editorial-ish take for this photo:

My beauty loot

My beauty loot: Revlon makeup and a charm necklace

What do you think? I’m too immersed in styling and art direction thanks to my work. I really hope that this reflects in photography. :)

And because I have two Revlon products in the image about, I will be talking about it. For a change, I will be discussing beauty stuff. May I just add that the necklace is a random find. I’m taking a break from all the knots and chain fancy I’ve been having recently.

Revlon products are competitively priced, and the quality is outstanding. This I have to say for their lipsticks since I still haven’t opened my PhotoReady compact makeup. I have tried their matte lipstick months ago and that convinced me to make the switch from Maybelline to Revlon. I like Maybelline (whole lot cheaper) but their lipsticks don’t last as long as the Revlon ones. I actually tried two Maybelline products, one was Watershine (which doesn’t last long on the lips, but the color was striking) and the other was a Color Sensational lipstick (in Madison Mauve, I think) which lasted longer than the Watershine although it can easily be wiped off especially after eating.

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