I’m MM, a twenty-something lifestyle writer and Journalism graduate student from Manila, Philippines.

My writing career began in college as a contributor for a local teen magazine. After graduating with a degree in Communication Arts, I went on to become a magazine editor for almost four years. I’m open to writing gigs, specifically feature writing assignments related to my interests (see below).

I mostly blog about my interests (music, travel, dining, photography, and technology), which explains the numerous posts on concerts by my favorite artists, the photo-heavy travel journals and food/drink diaries found on this site. One of my biggest frustrations is the fact that I cannot draw well, so this blog also serves as my creative outlet for all the art-related things I could do (like layouts, photography/post-processing and doodles).

My go-to description has always been “nerd/geek.” Nerd, because I love to learn and read (hence the pursuit of the two letters a few years after college); and geek, because of my obsession toward mobile technology and graphic design.

In my spare time, I find more things to learn, read comprehensive reviews on my favorite tech sites, catch up on the latest young adult fiction, business and self-improvement books, make insanely detailed travel itineraries and to-do lists, and check out new dining places.

I started blogging in 2002, moved to several platforms through the years, and finally settled with isparkleen in 2010.

Isparkleen.com welcomes advertisements, sponsorships, product reviews and collaborations. Please feel free to contact me at mm [at] isparkleen [dot] com
Last updated Oct 25 2013

Disclaimer: The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the publication I work for.