Seoul Souvenirs

No, I didn’t impulsively fly to South Korea recently (although I wish I had the time and money to do so).

Korea souvenirs Etude House Laneige BB Cushion Sleeping Pack EX Everland utensils bookmark chopsticks

Souvenirs from Seoul!

I asked my uncle to buy me a pair of chopsticks and a spoon, only because I completely forgot to do it myself when I went there two years ago. He also thoughtfully bought a plated bookmark to add to my pseudo-collection, and a cute pouch from Everland.

And because I’m a girl, I also convinced him to buy some Korean beauty products (with the justification that it’s waaaay cheaper in Seoul).

See, I didn’t bother to pick up a bottle of BB cream when I was in Korea. I didn’t get the hype. You could say that That Winter, The Wind Blows made me do it. How can you not try Laneige products when you’ve seen Song Hye Kyo’s flawless close-ups in that show? It just goes to show that Communication people can also fall for product placements, subtle or otherwise. Haha!

This BB cushion promises 6-in-1 beneficial effects for the skin. Not really expecting that I would wake up and see Hye Kyo’s reflection once I face the mirror, but I am definitely counting on some improvement in terms of complexion and whitening (or so the label says). I haven’t been using foundation for the longest time to avoid breakouts, so this should provide enough coverage to look presentable. So far, no new zits surfacing. My face just gets a little cakey mid-day; there are some weird white splotches that are noticeable upon close inspection. I’m thinking it’s because of the humidity or that my face must need serious hydration. Going into nighttime, I have a semi-dewy finish and none of those spots. Perhaps I should pile this on in the wee hours of the morning so that the dewy effect begins the moment I step into the office. Or there’s something wrong with how I apply it on my face.

The sponge/cushion is said to have anti-bacterial properties, but my main gripe with it is my difficulty in spreading the product on my face. Either I’m too novice for something that came with a basic applicator, or that it’s different from the other cushions that I’ve tried in the past.

So giddy that the purchase came with a sample size of the popular Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX, a highly-raved about product on the Web. I missed the offer on Sample Room some months back, so I was really ecstatic to find out that this was given to my uncle as a freebie. I don’t plan on using it anytime soon, as I want to try one product at a time. The Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream is for my mom, but I also plan to try it one of these days for comparison’s sake.

I don’t know how beauty editors and bloggers do it, but writing about beauty products is really something else. Add to the fact that these products aren’t exactly cheap to begin with (especially that you run the risk of breaking out while testing products, whew!). It’s fun to style these items, though. Can you see the Hidden Mickey? :)







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