I’m fully aware that I am too early for Typography Tuesdays, but today is National Handwriting Day, so an SNote doodle is required of me, budding stylus magician. WHUT.

You read that right, magic…

Samsung Galaxy Note SNote Isparkleen Typography Got To Believe g2b KathNiel

Every wish is ours tonight, my love… Sobrang cheesy talaga!

Got the title from one of the remarkable KathNiel trending topics, and song lyric quoted is obviously the soundtrack of their current primetime series.

Speaking of the show, I find the Meteor Garden-ish “twist” a bit of a letdown, which is partly my fault as well because I expected more from the series. It started off refreshing, but with the way things are unfolding, my brain is confused on which show/movie it takes from. That’s not to say I won’t tune in, especially that the Singapore setting reminds me of Miss You Like Crazy, haha. Joaquin/Ryan’s eyeglasses suit him well (I wonder if that’s polycarbonate lenses) and Chichay’s styling has definitely improved to suit her feminine looks, too (AND Juliana still looks as fab).

On a related note, this is the fastest SNote scribble I’ve ever done! The inspiration behind the style is graphic designer Jasmine Dowling’s brush-like handwriting. Just had difficulty in perfecting the effect I want for one of the words. Can you guess which one?



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