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It’s not funny when you are randomly posed with questions you wouldn’t want to be asked, ever.

Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?

Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?

Not that I can relate, heh.

Both the movie and book versions of Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? were huge hits in 2013. The 2001 book ABNKKBSNPLAko?! is slated for release this year, so I guess marks the beginning of local movie-TV tie-ins.

Speaking of which, I’ve been looking for a copy of Noreen Capili’s Parang Kayo Pero Hindi. Based from those quotes in Facebook posts, it seems like a good read as it offers practical insight regarding matters of the heart. Haha. I’m curious on the author’s writing style, especially after having found out that she writes for TV. I want to check it out and perhaps learn a thing or two from Capili’s style. I wouldn’t be surprised if this will be the next film adaptation!




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