The Yabu Diaries: Menchi Katsu

One of my crazy “plans” is to taste everything on the Yabu menu, because 2013 was mostly comprised of “eat at Yabu” moments (spontaneous and unplanned at that). This led to the The Yabu Diaries tag on this blog, which obviously didn’t make much progress, all because of my miso katsu addiction. It was always a choice between the favorite against the never-been-tried-but-appetizing katsudon varieties. It helps that my mom tries a new dish every now and then… that is, until she ordered the seafood katsu set. Haha!

Prior to both of us being stuck with personal favorites, she took the plunge and ordered the Menchi Katsu. The website describes this item as “a delicious mix of minced premium beef and pork covered in crunchy panko filled with oozing creamy cheese.”

The Yabu Diaries Menchi Katsu

The Yabu Diaries: Menchi Katsu

Beef, pork, cheese. What an irresistible mix.

The pork and beef combo packs each bite with flavor, but I wasn’t too fond of the consistency (the cheese filling made the katsu softer than expected). But then I don’t know how they could squeeze in both pork and beef in a single katsu (layering slices perhaps, but isn’t that too tedious and expensive), so mincing the two ingredients and mixing them together seemed like the most viable option.

It won’t topple miso katsu on the top spot of my favorites in Yabu, but as one of the more experimental menu additions, I’d still say that the menchi katsu is worth a try.



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