Typography Tuesdays: I Lay My Love on You

One of my major goals for isparkleen this year (apart from increasing monetization—shameless, I know), is to come up with something that will compel me to produce content more frequently. My blog tends to enter into unofficial hiatus mode when I don’t have consecutive travel posts to share, so might as well push the envelope a bit further by committing to a weekly project which I call Typography Tuesdays. At least I have weekly posts when I don’t have something random to share.

So why typography? I’m not even sure if my works deserve to be called typography because I don’t have formal training; I just like writing on paper/SNote over and over again. This thing isn’t a “doodle” nor a “scribble”, technically speaking, hence the use of the “big word.” I trace this fondness to literally write in high school, where majority of my textbooks and notebooks have plenty of doodles and repetitive “M2″ written on the borders. Haha. The bright side to this brilliant idea is that I don’t have to force it out of me. I seem to naturally fall back to doodling with my Samsung Galaxy Note whenever I feel varying degrees of intense feelings (ranging from happiness, sadness, stress, anxiousness, all the -esses!).

isparkleen typography tuesday i lay my love on you westlife samsung galaxy note snote spen

“I Lay My Love on You” – Westlife

I’m planning to borrow lyrics from songs instead of going the “quote” route, for two reasons. One, I am a pop fanatic. Two, the difficulty multiplies as the number of words increases. I still have to master control and space planning when it comes to SPen despite occasionally tinkering with it for the past two years. I also can’t pull off thicker strokes a la Jasmine Dowling with longer phrases, hence the short lines lifted from songs.

This project’s a big deal to me since this is the closest I can get to drawing. Haha. Here’s to improving my visual skills and to eventually be able to do this with real paint and paper!



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