The Best Haircut Ever: Park Jun’s Beauty Lab

In a few words: I need wash and wear, can-be-styled-differently-at-times hair.  And this is where Park Jun’s Beauty Lab in Glorietta, Makati comes into the picture.

I wish I could share with you photos of the salon interiors, but I was ushered right away to the salon area. The Filipino staff are very accommodating and for a moment, I forgot that I was in a Korean salon. They also had new magazines available, and that says a lot, details-wise.

I showed my pegs to Lena, the hairstylist assigned to me. I went into the details of the cut, and how I want it to be styled on some days. You read that right. PEGS (because this is the norm for publishing people, haha).

MInzy 2NE1 hairstyle 2013

Minzy’s hairstyle in the last quarter of 2013. Photo credits: @minzy21mz

Lena didn’t just snip away my locks just to get rid of the length, unlike the majority of hairstylists I’ve entrusted my mane with. She worked meticulously with every section of my hair, checking the length from time to time. Attention to details is always a plus in my book. This is how it turned out:

Park Jun's Beauty Lab Glorietta Makati City haircut Korean salon


Inset: photo I took right after the haircut. Just so I have a reference of how the haircut should look like after washing it. Pardon the semi-GGSS/processed image (can’t find the original anymore). Lena’s so adorable because she even curled my hair after the haircut to emulate my second peg. She taught me how to properly section and curl my hair, but I have yet to do it by myself. I even bought a straightener for my new hairstyle, haha! Lena suggested that I try Minzy’s hair color next time. I gotta save up (and gather enough courage) to become a redhead. Or a semi-redhead (’cause I got a fresh set of pegs… again. Minzy again!). The photo on the right is my hair weeks after the haircut. No styling products/tools used!

This is the most expensive haircut I’ve ever tried (at PHP 800). It’s a bit expensive than most salons in the metro (and there are a few more that reach thousands… can’t afford that!) but I was definitely satisfied with the service. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a “hit or miss” situation with haircuts. Just a few hundreds more and you get excellent salon service!



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  • Sharmi

    Lena’s my favorite amongs all the stylist because she’s very skilled and is willing to learn more. She listens to what her clients want (unlike some hair stylist who usually insist on their own preference of cut for you).
    Aand she’s bubbly and friendly too :) She was the one I usually recommend to new clients for hair cut, color or curling.
    For coloring she and Chay are my picks.
    Maiya is the most experienced as she have been in manila for a long time. a bit pricier though :)

    • MM

      I like how Lena turns seemingly simple cuts into something that grows out so nicely. :D Have you tried Chay for haircut? I want to have my hair colored at Park Jun, but I’ve no idea if it would turn out super expensive. :P

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